Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Book on Female Serial Killers – LADY KILLERS, by Tori Telfer

Unknown History of Misandry is pleased to announce that a diligent researcher/author and reader of our modest website has produced a series of columns based in part on cases which for the first time have been included in a female serial killer collection and now, in October 2017 has collected them in a book published by Harper-Collins.

The book, Lady Killers, includes these important cases which UhoM has brought to public attention as examples of Female Serial Killers: Lizzie Halliday, Elizabeth Ridgway, Oum-el-Hassen (“Moulay Hassen”), Alice Kyteler.

Tori Telfer has made an intelligent, if small, collection of 14 cases, dating from the fourteenth century to the twentieth. In addition to US and British cases there are Female Serial Killers from Egypt, France, Hungary, Morocco, Russia. It is regrettable, however, that among the numerous Eastern European Female Serial Killer rings of the mid-1800s through the mid-1900s, Tefler selected the only one that is well-known while dozens of like cases, equally interesting cases (from Hungary and surrounding regions) could have been related in its place.

Here is the list of Lady Killers with links to the posts on the same cases on UHoM. We’d like to point out that the Elizabeth Ridgway [old spelling] case is one of UhoM’s more important discoveries of a forgotten early Female Serial Killer case.

PS: And its extremely well-written.



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